Beagles Can Be Great House Dogs

If you are looking for a very good house dog, you may want to consider a beagle.  The AKC has consistently listed beagles in their top five house dogs for the last ten years, and with very good reasons to do so.  Yes, they are a really cute dog, but they also have a wide range of assets that will make you wonder why you never got a beagle before.

Raising A BeagleBeagles are a small breed of scent hounds, similar in many ways to a foxhound.  They originally were bred for hunting rabbits, which led to the term beagling.  Because of their excellent sense of smell and their natural ability to track, they have been used for hunting for many generations.  Beagles are thought to have originated in Great Britain in the early 1800s and were exported to America for their hunting and tracking skills.

Beagles Have Few Inherited Health Problems

Far too many breeds of dogs will come with inherited health issues that can cause a lot of stress for families.  Everyone wants to take great care of their dogs but inbreed health problems sometimes just can’t be overcome.  Luckily, beagles tend to be very healthy dogs and don’t carry many health problems that are breed related.

Beagles are known for having wonderful temperaments and being very calm around children.  They are not aggressive by nature, although they are not timid.  Being calm around kids is one of the reason so many families choose beagles as their family’s pet.

Many dogs are said to be “smart” but few are as good as beagles are when it comes to taking to training.  They are a very intelligent breed and pick up training rules very quickly.  Also, this inner intelligence leads them to understand social situations very quickly, especially around young children.  Youngsters don’t always know how to act around dogs but beagles are very good at reacting and adjusting to any situation that they may be in.

One other attribute for beagles is their ability to run and walk for long distances, they don’t tire easily.  Obviously you will want to make sure that they are fed the best dog food possible for energy, but they are difficult dogs to wear out!


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