Dental Chew Toys For Your Dog

Every dog owner has experienced a dog’s bad breath. Because your pet can’t brush its teeth, it is up to you to give them chew toys that help clean teeth.  Dogs face the same dental issues that people do, only they can’t floss.  Dog food gets trapped between their teeth, tartar builds up and soon your dog’s breath is awful and they may be on their way to tooth issues that require special care.  Luckily, there are some easy and fun ways that you can help your dog avoid some of those dental problems.

Chewing Toys Can Help With Dental Issues

All dogs chew, some more than others.  As your dog leaves the puppy stage, you have hopefully trained them to know what they can chew and what they can’t.  A lot of chew toys are designed to entertain the dog, but more and more of them are now being designed to help with your dog’s dental health.  It stands to reason that if they are going to chew a toy, that toy should serve a purpose other than keeping your pet amused.

You can now find chew toys that are specifically designed to help your dog get rid of plaque and food deposits that build up between and on their teeth.  These toys will have hard nubs that also help massage the gums, keeping the blood flow constant to the teeth.  Some, like the Arm & Hammer chew toys, release small amounts of baking soda that help freshen breath and kill germs.

Because periodontal disease is found in almost 80% of adult dogs, it is important that you pay attention to your dog’s dental health.  Regular visits to the vet are important, but you can help your dog by giving them chew toys designed to clean their teeth.  Here are a few that we really like.

Nubbies Dog Dental Chew ToyNubbies Dog Dental Chew Toy

This chew toy is made by Arm & Hammer and has baking soda infusion.  As your dog chew, small amounts of the baking soda are released, helping you dog to have fresher breath.  The bone is designed to help remove tartar and massage the gum line.  It is also almost indestructible.  It’s a great way to clean your dog’s teeth.

Nubbies Chew ToyWisedom Toothbrush Chew Toy For Large DogsChew Toy For Large Dogs

Big dogs need big toys!  This is truly a big toy, even the largest of dogs will be able to work with this chew toy.  The design is such that when your dog has it in their mouth, the toy will work on both the upper and lower teeth.  The hard nubs are great for removing tartar and food particles.  Even an aggressive chewer will be hard pressed to do any damage to this toy.

Large Dog Chew ToyLittle World Dental Dog Chew ToyLittle World Dental Dog Chew Toy

Here is a great dental chew toy for smaller dogs.  Made from very durable rubber, this toy will stand on its base to entice your dog to play with it.  The entire outer surface has hard nubs designed to remove plague and tartar and the inner prongs will help to massage your pet’s gums.

Small Dog Chew Toy

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