Hide A Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy

I admit, when I first heard about this toy, I snickered.  A puzzle toy.  For dogs.  No way was it even remote plausible.  My dog, a very smart standard poodle, could find his toys when he was bored.  Could he do anything with them except chew on them or kick them around the kitchen?  Nope, even though he is the smartest dog in the world.

Hide A Squirrel Puzzle Toy For DogsMy wife is much more creative, and smarter overall, than I am.  She immediately saw the potential of this toy, ordered it, and had the dog playing with it.  Who knew that this unlikely toy would keep our 10 month old poodle occupied for hours on end?  Your pet will have the same fun with this toy as our dog did.

A Surprisingly Simple Yet Effective Toy

At its core, this is a plush toy.  Being the less creative of our marriage, I figured the only way to use this toy was to play fetch with it.  I tossed it, the dog chased it, and then he spent twenty minutes playing with it.  Even I knew this wasn’t normal, he played fetch with almost anything and brought it right back to me, ready to fetch again.

Hide A Squirrel FeaturesThe tube, or plush tree, is hollow with a couple of openings on the top and on the side.  Inside are 6 squeaky plush squirrels, meant to be pulled out and played with by your dog.  Cosmo (our dog) figured that out right away, those squirrels were not going to stay hidden under his watch.  It took him about 20 minutes, but he eventually got all six out and then proceeded to chew and chase them all over the living room.  They squeaked, but not annoyingly, and stood up to even his most determined chewing.

Without me having to do anything except toss the toy once, my dog was happy amused for almost half an hour.  We leave this toy in his toy basket and once or twice a day, he will pull it out and play with it, without any supervision, for 20-30 minutes.

Hide A Squirrel Dog Toy

Soft, Durable And Very Well Made

We have had this toy for three months and, except for the occasional slobber, it is showing no signs of wear and tear.  The squirrels are intact, the tube is in one piece and there are no rips or tears anywhere.  It’s surprisingly soft for as well made as this toy is.  You can order replacement squirrels, but Cosmo hasn’t been able to shred any of the original 6 yet.  This toy is also available in 4 different sizes, depending on the size of your dog.  Cosmo is around 55 pounds and we have the large size for him.

I have learned that I don’t know much about dog toys.  I have also learned that this is a wonderful dog toy, and it will do a great job of amusing your pet.

Hide A Squirrel Dog Toy

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