Some Dog Grooming Tips

Dog grooming refers to both a manual method of grooming a dog, and the hygienic maintenance of a dog for good health.  A professional dog groomer  usually makes a living by grooming dogs professionally. Some dog groomers have their own businesses, and others do it part-time out of the home. Either way, it’s a career that requires some knowledge of grooming dogs as well as tools and supplies.

Many people consider bathing their dogs to be part of dog grooming itself. But, in actuality, bathing is usually the first step in proper grooming. Dogs naturally shed, and bathing them removes the dead fur, oil and bacteria from their skin, thus removing a lot of the dirt and debris that can gather on a dog’s body throughout the day. Bathing your pet at least once a month is recommended by the AKC, but bathing them more often may help keep their skin clean, shiny and healthy.

Bathing A Dog

Learn How To Bathe Your Dog Yourself

It’s recommended that pet owners bathe their dogs themselves.  It can get quite expensive to have a service bring in a dog grooming bath. Owners can usually bathe their dog themselves because most groomers provide dog grooming services free of charge.  Also, the dog shampoo, conditioner and massage that you get from a professional dog grooming salon will usually benefit your pet more than just the bathing itself. Bathing your pet regularly will also help prevent hair loss.

Professional dog grooming can be achieved in different ways. There are wet barber services that will use professional equipment to give your dog a good bathing. They will use warm water, brush your dog gently and then soak it in a special bathing solution made just for animals. These services usually cost about $100 per visit plus the cost of the equipment.

Be Sure To Brush Your Dog Often

Dog grooming can also be accomplished through hand brushing. You can do this yourself by purchasing special dog paw brushes. These brushes are very easy to use and they can be purchased at any pet supply store. Many dogs will enjoy this special treat as it helps to remove dead fur and oil from their paws. The process of hand brushing will remove the dead skin, dirt and bacteria from your pet’s paws.

If you prefer to bathe your pet in the comfort of your own home, you can purchase dog grooming shampoo. Dog shampoo is available at most general pet stores and is usually offered in a spray bottle so it can be easily sprayed on your pet. Shampoos will often contain extra moisturizers to help keep your pet hydrated. There are also several specialty shampoos designed for stubborn stains. Some of these specialty shampoos can even help to protect your pets’ paws if they have been damaged by rain or mud!

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