Which Is Better For Your Dog-Wet Or Dry Food?

Wet dog food versus dry food has been an ongoing battle for years with pet owners. Which is better for your pet? You and your vet need to decide.

Dry Food Or Soft Dog Food?

A separate classification in between wet and dry food can be called soft dog food. In this category, some foods consist of both moist chunks and kibble, which are the more standard dry bits.

A lot of manufacturers of dog food include a couple of protein sources: chicken, beef, lamb, tuna, or another specialty taste. The dry elements of the food are normally beef brisket, veal, lamb, bison, goose or duck. Some producers utilize a combination of these meats; others utilize only one. The goal is to make well balanced meals that the pets need for daily nutrition. Most dogs need about 14 ounces (five to six cups) of dry weight in their diet, and the majority of manufacturers offer a list of recommended quantities on the label. These recommendations are based upon an adult pet weighing about fifteen pounds.

Look For The Source Of Protein

The very first active ingredient in any pet food formula is protein. The most typical protein source in a pet food is poultry or fish.  Beef or bison is also a common source, both are rich in protein and iron.  Some foods use exotic proteins like ostrich or venison.  While they are fine they can cause some gastric issues for your pet.  Look for natural ingredients or even organic, they will have no chemicals or preservatives.

Another common ingredient found in numerous canned canine foods is chicken broth. Chicken broth is useful since it contains high levels of sodium and potassium, both of which are beneficial to the kidneys and lower the blood pressure in canines. If you read any of the labels on numerous of the canned items from the leading producer, you will see a declaration like “made with chicken broth”. This suggests that the component has actually been obtained from chicken. Chicken broth is the very first ingredient in virtually every canned canine foodstuff on the marketplace.

What Is The Best Dog Food

Our final item to discuss is weight management. Wet food is frequently less expensive since the preservatives and other chemicals utilized in the dry food are not required. This implies that dogs can invest more time taking pleasure in the canned dog food rather than constantly feeling starving and bored. There have actually been studies that indicate that pets that have access to the canned dog food rather than the dry food are less most likely to suffer from obesity, a leading cause of persistent health problem and health concerns.

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